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It probably surprises you that the botting part of my portfolio is only a small portion of my overall portfolio and nearly 60% of my small amount of crypto is invested.  Platforms like BlockFi, Celsius, and Nexo hold the majority of my invested crypto and reward me with new crypto just like a savings account used to reward you with new dollars.

The Bot Guy
The Bot Guy
February 6, 2022

I’ve gone through one of the most intense restart periods in awhile as the most recent downturn started.  I haven’t sold off any assets and, although I’m regretting this decision now, I believe in the long run it will be better off.  I’d be selling at a loss now on most of my bags and if I had a better tracking system I’d be able to sell and buy back at a better price.  But for now, I’m just winging it.

I think we’re in for some time where the BTC price will be depreciating and it will probably go back to $30k or so.  Though I hope it doesn’t go below $25k. That’s the only price-related thing that I’m watching.  I have a loan out with a small portion of my BTC as collateral.  I lose my BTC if it’s price goes down to $20k – so $25k is my payoff time.  Gotta sell something then, even if it’s at a loss because I’ll lose the pledged BTC if I don’t pay off the loan.

This loan is funny, it’s a 1% stable coin loan with BTC as my collateral.  I borrowed stable coins and I funded a 20% APY stable coin savings account, so technically I’m making a 19% yield on loaned money.

Sad to see the low USD value…

Sooo, any coin I have in my BOT rotation at this point is down quite a bit.  So that means nearly 300 or so sad faces staring at me daily.  But on the good side of things I’ve gotten a really decent low point to my Pionex infinity bots.  This (to me) means that these bots can go on in perpetuity with very little effort from me.  Sure, they only generate a few dollars now, but imagine once the next bull run picks up – all the assets that are trading now should rise way off the bottom of my bot and start gaining real value for me.

Here are the lows I am proud of and was able to get on quoteless infinity bots: DASH: 84.84 USDT; MANA: 1.8715 USDT; ETC: 22 USDT; BCH: 275.83 USDT; DOGE: 0.131454 USDT; ADA: 1.015 USDT; MATIC: 1.4947 USDT; ANT: 3.82 USDT; LUNA: 0.0011559 BTC; ATOM: 20 USDT; CRO: 0.00000994 BTC; LTC: 102 USDT; TRX: 0.053 USDT.  Here’s hoping they don’t go lower, but if they do, I just start the bot lower with all my same base and keep the new quote. 

Investment moves

It probably surprises you that the botting part of my portfolio is only a small portion of my overall portfolio and nearly 60% of my small amount of crypto is invested.  Platforms like BlockFi, Celsius, and Nexo hold the majority of my invested crypto and reward me with new crypto just like a savings account used to reward you with new dollars.

Last week I heard the CEO of Choice ( ) on the “Best Business Show w/ Anthony Pompliano” podcast and it got me thinking.  TD Ameritrade is old, stoggy, and I find their platform really difficult to use, plus I can’t buy actual crypto in it so I have to play with these stupid ETFs and Greyscale products that have high fees.  As a result, trading for any gain in my retirement account is a full time job that I don’t have time for, hence anything purchased prior is probably in the red now.

I was initially hooked when the CEO dude said you can do Blinko to earn free BTC each day.  So I went on and started playing.  I played about 7 times and I now have $2 in free BTC in a ROTH IRA, LOL.  But I poked around the platform and I really liked what I saw.  Fees weren’t too bad and I decided to start transferring my stock and 401k accounts in.

I set up a call and spoke in detail with them.  They accept any kind of 401k and I filled in all the paperwork to transfer over my first.  This is the one from TD Ameritrade with a bunch of crappy stocks, Greyscale, and all in the red – all long term holds.

The paperwork started online and required me to get a statement from the old 401k.  I was able to download that from my TD login.  I provided the statement along with a few extra sheets of asset listings as I was transferring more assets than they had room for on the online form.

I initiated an in-kind transfer, meaning that they will NOT sell anything and they should transfer the exact amount of stocks I hold from one account to the other.  It should be interesting to see what happens.

Luna, oh Luna, where art thou.

I’m trying something else too.  LUNA is looking like it may explode soon. Why?, ‘Cause it rocks!  I think they do periodic LUNA burns as well but in general LUNA is the main coin of the Terra system and that’s a system I wish to be in long term.  So I pulled some stable coins from the 20% APY savings account and bought a LOT of LUNA.  The largest quantity of LUNA I have ever owned.

I set up a new Kucoin account and put all that LUNA there.  I split it into two Kucoin quoteless bots: LUNA/BTC and LUNA/USDT <— lets see if this run up happens and if it does, lets see if this strategy will actually generate more than the 20% in the savings account during that same time.

In Altcoin Alerts LUNA has a really high hourly Elder Impulse and is ranked well: 3:02 pm on jan 31st:

4pm Feb 1st.  It’s getting ready.  First it goes down before it goes up.  The AA score got higher though and for me, I’m still at my investment point as price hasn’t moved yet.

Story of my life. Down even more… oh yay.

I lowered my bots a bit and work up on Feb 4th with this surprise:

My bots should both be into their trading for real and should catch this whole uptick, if there is even one.  The beauty of this is that it doesn’t matter if Luna trades to the side for awhile, so long as it’s in my bot range I’ll be participating in the trading activity and netting new QUOTE.

I can leave this for a few weeks and if this doesn’t work or if LUNA goes way below my buy-in (of $51) I’ll just stake it to earn more LUNA.

I Claimed a few more ATOM airdrops

Oh my goodness, I found a really good resource for all of these – check this out: ​​ – they break apart all the airdrops into what’s coming, what happened and what to do.  

STARS was awesome, but the others were just eh…. I put all the assets into liquidity pools.  Below are some links to get you started if you haven’t claimed these yet.

Airdrops and taxes

Speaking of airdrops – I watched a webinar recently with Clinton Donnoley and – he is a tax attorney who specializes in crypto taxes.  He believes airdrops are taxed on receipt with fair USD value. So, in the case of the BTSG airdrops, the tokens weren’t for sale when the airdrop happened, so no USD value, as that’s what they are taxed at.  However, if you sell them you pay on the full amount.  That’s more like what I’d expect to be the case.

This webinar is an excellent resource and I recommend everyone filing crypto defi-based taxes to watch this hour long webinar first.

Unless you trade on defi or are really curious, you don’t need to worry about this stuff usually…

Cosmos Channels

Right now I have about 20 Cosmos channels with native assets staked.  It’s pretty cool.

On the Osmosis staking tab it pops open a new window that looks like this.

Each of these are networks with main coins just like ETH is the main coin for the Ethereum network.

Here is an example– my OSMO balance on the Osmosis staking platform: 

To stake one must select a validator and one thing I noticed is the Cosmos validator list for these smaller networks are full of crappy validators.

It’s important that you trust your validator because afterall, they could cause you to lose your coins if they don’t do something correctly.

Here’s my staking partner:

They get 5% of the commission that is awarded to stake OSMO and I receive 95% of it pro-rata to the number of OSMO I’m staking with them.  You’ll see this validator has proper company information and a website. I trust it, but I do not trust many other validators.  BE CAREFUL: poorly acting validators can steal your coins.

Also look into spreading the asset around. The validators vote and based on the amount staked, each vote is weighted.  This is a system that could become abused easily if a large percentage of any one coin is staked on one validator.  So keep in mind to not flock to the quantity of staked assets as that’s less relevant.

All in all, the past two weeks were first full of a ton of BOT restarts and then focussed on investing.  Not too bad for an old man like me lol.

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