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They call me “The Bot Guy” because i trade crypto with bots. That’s what I do, and that’s what I love. After almost a 20 year career in IT, I finally cut the cord, went full time crypto and I’m not looking back. While there isn’t one single person I can thank for that, I am eternally grateful to many of the people in the crypto community for helping me get to that point and now I feel like it’s my turn to give back.

I started this site because I wanted to help people, something that I genuinely derive pleasure from. I currently hold a volunteer position in a crypto community where I am looked upon to act as a liaison between the founders and the rest of the community. Over time, this has evolved into a role where people have asked me questions about other facets not covered by our group, including exchange, security, mining, and of course, my favorite, trading bots. Quite honestly, it got to be a bit overwhelming as I was writing long responses to many questions and there was a great deal of redundancy. What would have really helped me out is if I had a place to point people with questions to a place with clear and concise answers to their questions.

So, when I was approached with the opportunity to spearhead a crypto based reference platform, I jumped on it very quickly. While I do have my favorites, many of the tools, exchanges, and other services found on our platform, I myself use. While I am not here to give any financial advice, I am here to provide information when it comes to how to protect, store, and trade crypto. I’m hoping this site is a valuable resource to you and if I am not covering something, whether that be a product, guide, or anything else, please drop me a line via our contact form and I’ll get right on it.


The Bot Guy’s Journey in Cryptocurrency

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Jul 3-16
Built a datacenter in my basement
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Jul 17-23
Added electricity and internet to the datacenter
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Jul 24-29
Added more power to my datacenter
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Jul 30 - Aug 3
Built a bot army
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Aug 4 - Aug 13
Tracking my mining
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Aug 14 - Aug 28
I tweaked my mining operation
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Sep 3 - Sep 6
Took a $60 vacation using crypto profits
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Sep 7 - Sep 18
Completed round 1 of bot testing
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Sep 19 - Oct 2
A Focus on Defi and Yield Farming
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Oct 3 - Oct 15
Tackling Solar powered Crypto
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How to do things more securely and how to analyze your risk

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